Robbie Coltrane

Entertainer Robbie Coltrane, who played Harry Potter's Hagrid, kicks the bucket at age 72.

LONDON — Robbie Coltrane, the really young looking jokester and character entertainer. 

Whose many jobs remembered a wrongdoing settling clinician for the television series "Wafer" and the delicate half-goliath Hagrid in the "Harry Potter" motion pictures, has kicked the bucket.

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Coltrane's representative Belinda Wright said he kicked the bucket Friday at an emergency clinic in his local Scotland,

And yet didn't promptly offer different subtleties.

She referred to him as "forensically savvy" and "splendidly clever" in only one of numerous accolades made to him.

"Harry Potter" creator J.K. Rowling, who many years prior had said Coltrane was her best option to play Hagrid,

 tweeted Friday that he was "an unbelievable ability, a total unique case.

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