The Powerball winning numbers from the Saturday, October 29 drawing were 19, 31, 40, 46, 57 and the Powerball was 23.

Powerball winning numbers

Yet, nobody won the $825 million Powerball after Saturday late evening's drawing, so the Powerball bonanza moved to an expected $1 billion for the October 31 drawing. 

Saturday's $825 million award was the second biggest in Powerball history and Monday's award will be the second biggest big stake in Powerball history, as per lottery authorities.

The publicized money worth of the Powerball lottery for Saturday's drawing is about $497.3 million.

Whoever scores the Powerball sweepstakes bonanza can select to get the payout in one of two ways. 

They can get the award as an annuity, which would be paid in thirty graduated installments north of 29 years, or they can get the award cash in a singular amount installment.

While $1 billion is a lot of cash and $497.3 million is a ton of money 

Monday's fortunate Powerball lottery champ (in the event that there is one) will likewise be taking a gander at some weighty duty bills.

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