Kenny Pickett

During the second from last quarter of the Steelers' week six matchup against the Tampa Straight Marauders,

Kenny Pickett endured a shot from Bucs linebacker Devin White while tossing a pass to Diontae Johnson. 

The double cross All-Ace struck the new kid on the block QB in the chest as he delivered the ball,

which prompted Kenny raising a ruckus around town of his head on the turf when he arrived on the ground.

The arbitrators promptly motioned for clinical faculty, and Kenny Pickett was immediately accompanied to the storage space for additional assessment.

From the start, the Steelers reported Kenny was "problematic to return," 

however the College of Pittsburgh alum was before long precluded until the end of the game with a blackout.

Mitchell Trubisky supplanted him and drove the Steelers to a 20-18 triumph.

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