Kennedy Center Honors 2022: Julia Roberts salutes George Clooney, Eddie Vedder channels U2

Kennedy Center Honors 2022

For the kind-hearted Amy Grant, the experience's "shared delight" was what mattered.

Gladys Knight beaming, said she felt most genuinely honored to receive a prestigious cultural accolade from President Joe Biden because

"I feel like he's my brother, I've been knowing him so long."

And when asked if being honored at the Kennedy Center Honors made him think twice about a career in politics, 

George Clooney laughed while wrapping his arm tightly around his wife Amal's waist.

He answered, in an obvious - and diplomatic - "no," "We have a lovely life."

The group was honored Sunday night at the 45th Kennedy Center Honors in Washington, D.C. alongside

the rock royalty U2 and Pulitzer Prize–winning classical composer/conductor Tania León.

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