Alabama vs Tennessee

A short 310 miles separate the grounds in Tuscaloosa and Knoxville, as a hot contention recharges in what is known as the Third Saturday in October.

This series among Alabama and Tennessee has been overwhelmed by Scratch Saban since his recruiting as lead trainer for the Dark red Tide.

 In the mean time, the Workers haven't brought down the Tide starting around 2006.

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The contempt runs profound, dating well before previous public top dog mentor Phillip Fulmer provided the NCAA with data about infringement inside the Alabama program.

Quick forward to the present, where the Workers have quite possibly of the best offense in the country drove by lead trainer Josh Heupel.

At 21.3 seconds per play, Tennessee can move the chains on the ground or through the air at a quick speed.

That speed neutralized Heupel last season in Tuscaloosa, as Alabama ruled in a 52-24 defeat.

The Dark red Tide haven't been brought down by an unadulterated rhythm group since a second sequential misfortune to Ole Miss in 2015.

In the event that Tennessee surprises Georgia later in the season, this game could be a see of the 2022 SEC Title.

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